Quarantine Zine

A small home-printed and curated magazine called the Quarantine Zine, created during the lockdown in the first months of the Covid-19 pandemic. The zine was open for submissions, the only restriction being the size of the artwork (1 page, A5) and colors (black and white). The theme gathering was provided as inspiration but not mandatory. This resulted in three editions, for which I each created the cover and included 27 artists altogether. Among the submissions were illustrations, photography, poems, comics, animations (through augmented reality app Artivive), playlists (by using a QR code) recipes and sheet music.

All three editions are available in my shop!

Commissioned by:
Mirjam Debets

Quarantine Zine #1:
Iris Frankhuizen, Krista Jongsma, João Vitalis, Tessa van Vuren, Astrid Vandendael, Lynn Brands, Daphna Awadish, Merel de Kok and Willemijn Debets.

Quarantine Zine #2:
Jade Welling, Merel de Kok, Prang Sayasilpi, Coco Vink, Geert Vlieger, Pai Dekkers, Camiel Jiskoot, Wilbert van Veldhuizen, Lennard Grunewald, Kasper Werther, Saskia Oostra, Willemijn Debets, Jeroen Verkade and Dymphie Huijssen

Quarantine Zine #3:
Imre Elzer, Wilbert van Veldhuizen, Dennis de Bruin, Willemijn Debets, Tessa van Vuren, Pai Dekkers & Anne Leijdekkers, Nick van Harskamp, João Vitalis, Jorn Leeuwerink and Eline van der Ploeg

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